Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes I Just Eat

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been too busy eating to write anything. No,'s true.
My birthday was on Monday and those who love me know how much I love to eat so they arrange ample opportunities for me to do so. 
Shrimp Boil on Sunday night
It all started Saturday night when Cara took me to Chuy's and we overindulged on the creamy jalapeno dip. Then Sunday my parents took Ciana and me to Texas Roadhouse before Ciana left for a mission trip. That evening we had a shrimp boil for my official family birthday dinner and we burned our tongues off on the spicy but delicious shrimp, potatoes, asparagus, corn, sausage, and mushrooms.
The Philly Cheeseburger from Lankford Grocer and the remnants of my ice cream!

Me and Mom at Lankford was a beautiful day!

My birthday started off with my student bringing me my favorite drink from Starbucks (so sweet!), then my parents took me to lunch at Lankford Grocer in Houston and we had some seriously great burgers. We followed that up with ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream. Then we rolled over and died. Ok, not really but we felt like it. 

That night, I went to dinner with my Aunt Cindy. We've shared a birthday for 28 years and have never celebrated just the two of us. So to remedy that, this year we decided to try out Allo, a French bistro and it was fantastic. We had such a fun time!
The birthday glutton-fest continued on Tuesday when Lyndsey and the babies and I met up with Katie and Eve for brunch. It was so fun to see Cash and Eve interacting! The festivities finally ended that evening when Ashley and Marsha made one of my favorite meals and we played Nertz for a couple of fun-filled hours.  I think as energetically as we play card games we probably burned a few calories off!

All in all it a standout birthday. Good food, good friends, and a wonderful family make it easier to face drawing closer to the ever-dreaded 30!


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